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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks with artists Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort from the company L’Amicale de Production about finding a productive balance between collaboration and antagonism, both when we make work together as a duo or a team, and also in regard to our relationship with the audience, with whom we also work and work against in various ways.  Are there any rules to live by? Are we fundamentalists? What’s a Bible humper? And more importantly – when are these guys coming to perform in New York? (This podcast was recorded as part of the Possible Futures festival for Vooruit in Ghent.)

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks with playwright Jeffrey M. Jones (aka Jeff Jones) about death, politics and money. A podcast in which we dare to ask the question: who IS the President of the United States?  And what does the answer potentially imply about my mental competence? (Plus – added bonus! – we all imagine a future television series we would make based on life in the New York theater – something along the lines of Dallas, but with far less cash and fewer horses.)

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks to Philip Bither, Senior Curator of Performing Arts at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, about ego, humility, and identity.  Is it an arrogant act to program work (or make work) that you may personally feel is important -- for an audience who may not want that kind of challenge?  What is the grass roots work a good curator has to do to find and foster public interest (as populist as we can make it) in these so-called “difficult” works?

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks with artist/choreographers Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki about performances in and out of the theater space.  Yukiko and Heine have made performances in their hotel room, in rented offices, shopping centers; Nature Theater has also worked inside and outside the traditional theater building - but why do we do it?  What uncomfortable questions does off-site work provoke about audience and our interaction and relationship with them?   

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks with Lebanese visual and performing artist Rabih Mroué - about so many things! - but mainly about difference and similarity, self and community, solo and group, inside and outside, original and imitation.  Though we both make performance and theater, we come from very different backgrounds and environments, and even different working situations.  What are the influences that make us who and what we are and what we make?  And what has been his particular experience growing up and making art in Beirut?

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks with Sean Patten & Bastian Trost of the Berlin-based group Gob Squad about the social relations, work ethics - and just plain ethics - of collective art-making.  How do we negotiate making group work and – quite frankly - DOES the group work?  How do we come together and how do we stay together and most importantly – how do we keep this very economically precarious idea of group work going?

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks with painter, sculptor, performing artist and German enfant terrible Jonathan Meese – all about art and ideology, insider and outsider, and risk and responsibility.  Do artists need to remain playful, irresponsible, provocative – even untrustworthy– to make our best work?  How does one reconcile one's desire to please one's mother with a desire to make art that includes simulating oral sex on an extraterrestrial?  Some time well spent with one of our most inspiring guests ever.

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks today with the extremely inspirational artist – and comedian – and musician – Reggie Watts.  All about stuff and nonsense, conscious and unconscious, perception, and improvisation – not just in performance but as philosophy, as a way of living and being in the world.

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks with Oskar Eustis, director of The Public Theater in New York City about leadership, ethics, and idealism.  How does Oskar navigate the economic disparity he encounters every day – running an arts institution that has to both market itself to wealthy backers and nurture an often very impoverished community of working artists?  What are the possibilities he sees in the future toward making a better, more sustainable working environment – and ultimately better art – in the American theater?

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Nature Theater of Oklahoma talks with writer Lucy Alibar (whose film Beasts of the Southern Wild was just nominated for four Academy Awards), about how she straddles the worlds of both stage and film.  Also, how has it been to negotiate that success with its looming opposite: failure?  When you have a big move forward in your artistic career, how do you manage the fear that sometimes follows, and the pressure to make another immediate hit?  (All this and more about story, land, race, history, religion, and the future.)

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